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LINd-O, who’s common name is Leandro Jasso Steinschorn was born in 1991 in Vienna as the son of Brazilian parents. At the age of seven, the whole family went back to Brazil but only four years later his mother decided to raise him in Vienna and came back with him to Austria.

Lind-O startet his music career very early by joining a french Hip Hop Band. Due to his extraordinary talent for languages he rapped in french and is fluent in German, Portuguese, and speaks also Spanish.

At the age of 16 he began frequently to sing in bars and it came out very quickly that men and women of every age liked him. Any time he`s captivating the audience with his spirit, power and energy while being on stage.

LINd-O | Leandro Steinschorn

In 2014, Clemens Riha, a managing director of a successful real estate company with great love for music, discovered this young, brilliant talent and signed him up instantly.

Only a year later in 2015, Clemens Riha met Christian Seitz by chance, the former producer of
DJ Ötzi (Anton aus Tirol, Hey Baby, 7 Sünden …). Seitz withdrew years ago from the party and music scene. It needed a little time, urging him to listen and to watch a life performance of Lind-O.

Seitz: „I was speechless and felt like traveling back 17 years ago, when I first saw DJ Ötzi life on stage. I`ve never seen such an exhilarating energy, which can`t leave anybody indifferent, from any other performer before. He has the right age, is very handsome and speaks four languages fluently – I just gave up resisting. It was definitely time for a new hit!“
„All the hits we made with DJ Ötzi were cover versions and we have been criticized many times for that. So I thought: If I`m gonna to go back to the party scene, it has to be a step forward – we have to publish a brand new song written and performed by Lind-O!”

Christian Seitz visited a friend of his, who is a Spanish Producer and wrote hits for Loona, David Bisbal, some winners of the Spanish „The Voice“ version and many more. The objective was: „Brazilian lifestyle, summer, dance and fun“. In less than four hours „YOU MAKE ME CRAZY“ was born.

After the first time hearing it, it was perfectly clear that we made a catchy tune.

Lyrics in English, Spanish and Portuguese has been written and the song has been produced in three languages because we were quite confident that we have a most likely global hit. (Labels in Brazil responded instantly on the Brazilian version)

LINd-O himself surprised in the studio by being perfectly prepared (he was talking in three languages without text sheet and spoke tall of them fluently) once more with his never ending, positive and intoxicating energy.

Clemens Riha organized a superior video shoot with more than 50 young people on the set. At the end of July all mixes and the video has been completed so it was time to go for the first reactions from the test audience and they were fantastic!

Maybe they are all „Lo-o-o-o-co!!“ and dance with “Lind-O”.


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